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What is Jweel?

Everything is made to be easy. You design your piece of jewelry and you can have it 3D printed and shipped right to your door! Select a tool, design you jewel, export the 3D file and send it to any online (or offline) manufacturer ! To use our 3D tools and view objects in 3D, you need a WebGL compatible browser. If you don’t, creation tools will not be available. You can manage your models from your dashboard. Jweel allows you to save, copy and edit your files. You can also decide to share your models with the community… or keep them private, as you wish!

Why are there different apps on Jweel?

Jweel apps have been made on 3 criteria:

  • the category of jewelry (ring, bracelet, necklace…)
  • the type of jewelry in each category (simple rings, textrings, freely sculpted rings…)
  • the level of complexity. From easiest tools to our freestyle design app, discover all the power of 3D modeling!

My computer is slow when browsing apps pages, why?

Jweel gives you tools to manipulate 3D objects. Generating your jewels is an exhausting task, even for a computer! In general, your processor and amount of RAM are driving your computer performance on Jweel.

Here are some tips to improve your performance on our tools:

  • Use the Google Chrome, browser, it is optimised for 3D apps
  • Get out of the energy saving mode : this slows down your computer. If you are using a laptop, plug in the power cable
  • Do not keep more than one tab opened on a 3D application like Jweel : each tab uses ressources and slows down your computer

Can I import 3D files from other softwares?

No, Jweel apps use a special 3D format that does not work with classic formats.

What is 3D printing ?

3D printing or Additive manufacturing is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model. For more information about 3D printing, please refer to our blog article.


What are material previews corresponding to ?

3D modelling tools on Jweel were originally made for 3D printing. Material previews are here to give you an idea of the final render. However, now that Jweel manufacturing services are closed, material informations here are outdated and you should visit your manufacturer website for information about materials.

Where can I have my Jweel designs manufactured ?

You can export your designs as OBJ files and upload them to an online 3D printing service. Here are a few services :

Can I have my jewelry 3D printed in all materials ?

In practice, each material possesses its own physical properties. Jweel tools are adapted to limit the level of detail to something that should be fine for 3D printing, but this actually depends on your manufacturer.

Bugs and issues

Known bugs

A few issues with Jweel apps are already known :

  • Browser zoom needs to be set to 100%, especially for Freestyle sculpting apps.
  • On the embossed ring app, it may happen that saved texts won't load properly when loading the file. Origin of this bug is unknown, so do not hesitate to send us informations if you experience it.

New bugs

If you encounter a bug which is not listed above, please send us an email at contact[at]jweel.com

Account and online services

Why is it not possible to create an account ?

We do not have enough workforce to maintain a full website with all original Jweel features.

What happened to old accounts ?

Jweel accounts will be deleted one year after the original service closed, in order to limit maintenance costs. This one extra year availability was made so that users could save their designs. If you had an account and did not save your designs, please contact us as soon as possible, but it is unlikely the database will still exist when we get your email.

Who is maintaining the website now that Skimlab has been shut down ?

Current website is maintained by Maxime Quiblier, former Skimlab CEO, on his freetime and at his own cost. Therefore, Jweel softwares are now provided as is with no guarantee (see General Terms of Use).